Illuminated Signs

Just because it's outside of business hours doesn't mean nobody should notice you. Having an illuminated sign gives your storefront 24-hour exposure. Visit our showroom for examples of the different ways we can make your business stand out.

Product Details

Channel Letters

Channel letters are 'individually illuminated' letters. Face Lit letters are generally 3" or 5" deep, usually mounted flush to a building raceway or bracket. They are internally illuminated so that at night time the 'face' of the letter illuminates - usually with LED light. We also have custom depths available, starting at as low as a 1" profile. Halo Lit Letters can range in depth depending on the application. These letters require an offset (or floating) installation so that there is enough space around the letter that you achieve a nice even 'glow'. These letters most commonly have an opaque face, however we can add a halo glow to a face lit letter or vice versa.

Push-Through Boxes

A push through box is usually a step up from a backlit box but a step away from Channel letters. These boxes are similar to Backlit boxes, except the faces are generally opaque and have the letters cut out from them. We then apply acrylic letters to the faces of the box that can either be inset or 'push through'. You can pick various colours for the individual letters, or we can paint the sign cabinet with an automotive grade finish using our in-house spray booth.

Back Lit Boxes

One of the oldest sign systems around! Constructed from aluminum extrusion and aluminum moulding, we produce these boxes in-house and can illuminate them with florescent bulbs or LEDs. All of the units are CSA-compliant and one of the most cost-effective ways for a client to have an illuminated sign.